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Every morning, for over 50 years, the fish Antonio Cimino brings a wide range of both fresh and frozen fish productson the tables of seafood lovers.
The store staff is always ready to meet the demands of garantedo customers the freshness and quality of products sold.

For the catering industry

The wholesale fishmongersAntonio Cimino supplies of fish products, both fresh and frozen, hotels, and restaurants in the area of Tempio, Palau, Santa Teresa Gallura,Badesi, Isola Rossa,Aglientu, Trinity D'Agultu, Vignola, Castelsardo, Portobello, Calangianus and Aggius.

A long history of 50 years!

For over 50 years, Antonio Cimino brings the best seafood on the table.
It is a tradition that began in the 50s, with a walking, son of fishermen, which trades the fish in the whole island.
Forerunner of the times, is the promoter of frozen products in the breeding and sees a new possibility; it finances and supports the first holdings in Corsica.

After 30 years of individual activities is the Antonio Cimino srl company to which, over the daughter, taking part in his most valuable collaborators and trusted.

Today, in a competitive market and often not very loyal, the story and the correctness of Antonio Cimino prove the most effective weapon.

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